Clemmie is a small and colourful one of a kind, mohair artist teddy bear by Barbara-Ann Bears

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Clemmie is a wild and wonderful little bear, full of colourful happiness, a one of a kind, mohair artist teddy bear by Barbara-Ann Bears

Clemmie is available at the shop Posthorn90 (who don't have a website at present) if you pay us through our website we will forward the payment (together with your name and address) to Eunice, at Posthorn 90 and she will post your bear direct to you.

Clemmie stands just 5.5 inches( 14 cm) tall and is 4.5 inches (11 cm) sitting.

Clemmie is a sweet and happy little bear. He's a playful little teddy bear, he's brilliant at hide and seek, in fact we recommend you don't play hide and seek with him as there's a good chance you'll never see him again, well not until you finally have to face eating Auntie Maude's home-made biscuits, then you'll find no biscuits just a little bear, which will be a great relief.

Clemmie is made from a a fluffy medium length gold mohair, that is it would be a medium length mohair on a big bear but on such a little bear it's very long and fluffy. Clemmie has hand dyed velvet paw pads.

Clemmie has beautiful, hand painted eyes with hand coloured eyelids, a splendid little nose embroidered from individual threads to compliment his colouring and he has a sweet, friendly smile. Clemmie is stuffed with polyester stuffing and glass beads which give him a little extra weight and make him a little more cuddly. 

Clemmie is a charming, playful little bear with a very sweet personality, he's proper cuddly little bear who is very easy to live with. As you can see from the photos Clemmie is small enough to fit in your pocket and travel around with you, he loves people's company, he's a very sociable little bear.

As with all our bears, Clemmie is not a toy, he is an adult collectible and unsuitable for children under 14