Greeting Cards by Andy Near The Sea

Hand Drawn and Home Printed Greeting Cards by Andy Near the Sea, Andy Cunningham

Whimsical greeting cards by Andy Cunningham, you can use the drop-down menus to find a particular type or group of cards, 'Birthday Cards' 'Christmas Cards' etc.

You can use the discount code 6FOR4 at checkout to buy six cards for the price of four, it gives you a 34% discount on any quantity greater than six cards, no, it doesn't work on teddy bears, mohair, patterns etc., just on cards. 

You'll find all sorts of hand-drawn greeting cards here, Birthday Cards, Christmas Cards, happy cards, sad cards, funny cards, colourful cards, black and white cards, cards with teddy bears, tigers, monsters, elephants and even a few with (rather strange) people on them. They aren't political or particularly edgy, just cards with a positive message which you can use to pass on some hope, commiseration, congratulations or encouragement, cards to show that you love and care about someone. 

I've been drawing since I was a child, I wouldn't even call it a hobby, it's like walking, just something I do and I can't really imagine not doing it. Making teddy bears, taking photographs and drawing is my life, I'll never get rich, but I love it.

Thank you

Andy Cunningham