Custom Orders and Commissions

We are always excited when we receive custom orders or commissions, these might be a special order for a bear or other creature, dyeing mohair for you to make a bear or restoring an old bear, or for a personalised collection of greeting cards. 

We have in the past made bears for TV (Downton Abbey), museums (The Titanic Museum in Belfast) and for the stage (Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale: 'Exit, pursued by a bear.'). We have also made a lot of bears for private collectors, maybe you like a bear we have made but would prefer it in a different colour, or have your own ideas for a very special bear, maybe even a dragon, owl or rabbit... 

We ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit for custom orders, this is to cover the cost of designing your creation and finding and purchasing the correct materials, also to ensure you are serious and not doing something on a whim (yes, that does happen quite a lot). 

If you would like us to make you your very own, fantastic creation please contact us with your ideas and we will be delighted to go through them with you.

Please note that we won't make copies of other people's bears, or any other copyrighted items, like characters from TV, films or books, unless you own the copyright in which case we'd be very happy to talk to you.

Please also note that we do not make toys for children under 14, we only make adult collectibles, thank you.