Dave The Fairy. A magical good luck card to calm exam nerves

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Dave Is There To Help You. A greeting card to ease exam nerves with magic and humour

The front of the card reads

'This is Dave, Dave is a fairy, you might think ‘he’s not a typical fairy’ but fairies come in all shapes and sizes and Dave is a rather plump and balding one.

Dave has a mission, he is a stress absorber, in moments of stress you just have to imagine Dave floating above you and he will be there, of course nobody else will be able to see him, he is your personal fairy, and just by knowing he‘s there you will feel your stress float away, that’s his magic.

So if you are revising for a difficult exam, in a difficult exam, waiting to give a speech before the General Assembly of The United Nations or sitting in the waiting room of a particularly vicious dentist Dave will be there, you just have to imagine him.' 

This is a folded greeting card measuring 5x7 inches (13 x 18 cm) drawn by Andy Cunningham (me) with ink pens and fine coloured pencils, then printed at home, near the sea in England. I can print it on white or cream coloured heavyweight card.

The inside is left blank for your own message.

It comes in a sealed cellophane envelope to protect it from the elements and a stiff card envelope. 

We teach and look after French students in the holiday months, we keep in touch with several of them and found that they get really stressed out because of their exams (who would have thought it) this card was designed to fight that stress and aid relaxation, magic and humour is the best way. Dave was drawn on 1st May 2016, just before peak exam season.

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