Bertie PRINTED jointed mohair teddy bear sewing pattern for a 11 inch (28cm) Barbara-Ann Bear

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The Bertie Teddy Bear sewing pattern makes an elegant traditional Barbara-Ann Bear about 11 inches (28cm) tall.

We've so far only used this pattern to make bears in 3mm vintage mohair but we people have used the pattern to make bears in traditional mohair ranging from 5mm to 25mm and in crushed velvet and they have been very happy. Bertie is an old style, traditional bear and he's fairly easy to make even for a beginner. The pieces fit together easily, there are no darts and no need to gather pieces in order to make them fit. He's a bear you can make in a comfortable chair while watching TV and suitable for sewing by hand or machine.

The pattern includes all the instructions you need to make your bear with many diagrams for the more difficult parts. The pattern and instructions are on 11 x A4 sheets, the pattern is full sized. You'll need a 1/4 metre of mohair, paw pad material, glass eyes or shoe buttons and 2 x 35mm and 3 x 45mm joints. We use plastic pellets in the feet, hands, ankles, wrists and tummy to make him a little saggier and cuddly. If you need any of the items necessary to make your bear, mohair, wool felt, eyes, sewing thread, strong button thread, bear making tools, polyester stuffing or glass beads, please contact us and we can supply what you need, you'll just need to pay for them separately.

Please note that the completed bear is not a toy and is unsuitable for children under the age of 14, it is a collector's bear.

The pattern and instructions in this kit are solely for private use, commercial use of this pattern is prohibited under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (c. 48) without the written permission of Barbara-Ann Bears, © 2006-2013 all rights reserved