Chipotle is a fiery one of a kind, artist bear by Barbara-Ann Bears

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Chipotle is a wild and fiery, yet still very friendly, one of a kind artist bear in beautiful hand dyed mohair by Barbara-Ann Bears

Chipotle stands 11 inches(28 cm) tall and is 8 inches (21 cm) sitting.

Chipotle is a wild and shaggy chap, a bear who loves to walk across the hottest deserts, to be alone under the fiercest sun, to feel the steam rising from his glorious fur...then he wakes up and finds it was all a dream. It's good to have dreams, but it's better to have a cup of hot black coffee and bowl of fiery chilli, actually not too fiery, a mild chilli with some tacos will suit him nicely, as well as a warm bed at night and a loving home forever.

Chipotle is made from the most wonderful, dense shaggy medium length mohair that Barbara has hand-dyed in wonderfully wild, shades of orange, amber, magenta, crimson and lilac. Chipotle has hand dyed velvet paw pads which complement his mohair perfectly.

Chipotle has slightly sparkling hand painted glass eyes with hand coloured eyelids. He has a nose carefully embroidered from individual threads to match his colouring, his slightly down-turned mouth gives him that puppy dog 'please somebody love me' expression. He is stuffed with polyester stuffing and plastic pellets to make him a little heavier and more cuddly.

Chipotle is very happy to sit at home, quietly watching TV with you, you might find him drifting off, a smile playing across his mouth as his imagination takes him to the cactus strewn deserts, please wake him gently, he's liable to spout out something like 'Get off your horse and say that to my face' or 'No, that's quite enough chilli for me, got to look after my tum-tum'

We will enclose photos with Chipotle and we are happy to put in a greetings card and gift tags, maybe a birthday card or one for another occasion, you can choose one from our greetings card page and let us know which card you would like.

As with all our bears Chipotle is not a toy, he is an adult collectable and unsuitable for children under 14.