Fitzwilliam Flimdumple is a gently humorous, one of a kind, artist bear by Barbara-Ann Bears

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Fitzwilliam Flimdumple is a gentle and humourous, one of a kind, teddy bear in fabulous faux fur and mohair by Barbara-Ann Bears

Fitzwilliam Flimdumple stands 13 inches (33 cm) tall and is 10 inches (25 cm) sitting.

Fitzwilliam Flimdumple is a very relaxed bear, you might think that as he has all that wild mohair and faux fur he might be a wilder character himself, but he is a very languid chap. He takes everything at his own pace, you could never hurry him to finish his honey sandwiches or ginger cake, he'll just give you his gentle smile (well, it's all he's got) and tell you not to worry, there's no hurry, everything in its own time.

Fitzwilliam Flimdumple is mostly made from a very soft and dense, animal print faux fur, it has splashes of charcoal and gold on pale fawn, we're not sure what type of animal this was meant to represent, so we assume it's just for making Flimdumples. His face, the underside of his tail and the backs of his ears are made from a very long, wispy, brown-tipped beige coloured mohair and his tummy is an even longer, wispy beige coloured mohair. Fitzwilliam has co-ordinating beige German felt paw pads, he is a very well coordinated teddy bear.

His beautiful, sparkling glass eyes with eyelids were hand painted to match his mohair as was his carefully embroidered nose, he has a sweet, slightly perplexed grin as if you have asked him a question and he's struggling to find the answer, he'll just take his time. Fitzwilliam is stuffed with plastic pellets and polyester stuffing making him a little more cuddly and loveable. His long, gangly arms are particularly designed and stuffed for hugging and posing.

Fitzwilliam Flimdumple is a quietly humorous sort of bear, he isn't wild nor demanding, he's happy to go along with the flow (as long as the flow isn't too fast), sit down, relax and stare into the distance... mmm, I think it's time for some more of that Jamaican Ginger Cake...

We will enclose photos with Fitzwilliam Flimdumple and we are happy to put in a greetings card and gift tags, maybe a birthday card or one for another occasion, you can choose one from our greetings card page and let us know which card you would like.

As with all our bears, Fitzwilliam Flimdumple is not a toy, he is an adult collectible and unsuitable for children under 14