Hanging In There.

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You have to be fast if you want to keep up with Father Christmas, he's a busy man with a tight schedule, here he can be seen striding through the snow with a collection of teddy bears trying to hang on. You might notice that one or two of the bears are reminiscent of our own teddy bears, which should come as no surprise.

This is a folded Christmas card measuring 5x7 inches (13 x 18 cm) drawn by Andy Cunningham (me) with ink pens and fine coloured pencils, then printed at home, near the sea in England.

This card is printed on white heavyweight (300 gsm) card.

It comes in a sealed cellophane envelope to protect it from the elements and a stiff card envelope. 

This is Christmas cards was drawn in November 2013, I try to draw a different card every year for my family, friends and neighbours. 

You can use the discount code 6FOR4 at checkout to buy six cards for the price of four, it gives you a 34% discount on any quantity greater than six cards, no, it doesn't work on teddy bears, mohair, patterns etc., just on cards.