Mister Oofaloosy a small fluffy honey dragon in hand dyed mohair by Barbara Ann Bears

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Mister Oofaloosy is a wild yet gentle and not so fiery, one of a kind artist honey dragon in mohair and faux fur by Barbara Ann Bears

Mister Oofaloosy stands 10 inches( 25 cm) tall and is 8 inches (20 cm) sitting.

Mister Oofaloosy is a little honey dragon, oh, have you never heard of honey dragons? Honey dragons live in the flower filled meadows of the Snuffllelopagus archipelago, they flit from flower to flower like hummingbirds, their little wings beating in a fizzing, fuzzing, buzzing blur as they hover above each flower sucking up the nectar. They carry the nectar back to their ramshackle nests in their long snouts where they turn it into beautiful honey just by using the power of their imaginations. As you can see Mister Oofaloosy isn't a very fiery or dangerous dragon, he's pretty low down in the dragon pecking order, not much more than a slightly smoky sparrow.

Mister Oofaloosy is made from several different pieces of fabric, he's mostly made from a very short purple mohair with a lime backcloth, his face is a very long and fluffy mohair that Barbara has hand dyed lime green, his tummy is a similar mohair hand dyed a slightly subdued orange, the underside of his tail is again a similar mohair this time dyed a lemony yellow and the top of his head, the fronts of his ears are a short, spotty animal print faux fur (like his wings), the back of his ears and the top of his tail are a very long black, pink and yellow faux fur. Mister Oofaloosy has very little wings, which is why they have to beat so fast, and they are made from black on white spotty faux fur on top and a shiny jade, pink and yellow shiny, designer fabric underneath which has a black scaly pattern superimposed on it, Barbara has machine embroidered the wings with rays, like bat wings. Mister Oofaloosy has hand dyed green velvet paw pads which co-ordinate well with his colouring.

Mister Oofaloosy has beautiful, sparkling, hand painted glass eyes with hand coloured eyelids, a beautiful nose embroidered from individual threads to match his colouring and a sweet, enchanting smile He is stuffed with glass beads and polyester stuffing which make him quite heavy, yet another reason his little wings have to beat so fast, they also help with his balance as he doesn't have a very long tail for a dragon. A shorter tail works better in the dense jungle where he builds his nest and also in human homes where he is less likely to knock over vases, ornaments or cups of coffee.

Mister Oofaloosy is a sweet little honey dragon, he would only ever burn your house down by accident, and like all honey dragons he loves humans, if you have flowers in your garden he will suck up the nectar and if your imagination is strong enough you can imagine the beautiful honey Mister Oofaloosy makes from it.

Mister Oofaloosy is the first of his kind, he was drawn a few years ago but we never got around to turning the drawing into a three dimensional being, you can see the drawing in the photos and we will send a copy of it should you wish to give him a new home, we hope you do, we hope you like him. You can see how a sketch can turn into something slightly different when you add all the long fluff too.

We will enclose photos with Mister Oofaloosy and we are happy to put in a greetings card and gift tags, maybe a birthday card or one for another occasion, you can choose one from our greetings card page and let us know which card you would like.

As with all our bears Mister Oofaloosy is not a toy, he is an adult collectable and unsuitable for children under 14