Nellie is a collector's elephant by Barbara-Bears in chenille, denim and mohair

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Nellie is a small, friendly and very well behaved, artist elephant made in beautiful chenille, upcycled denim & mohair by Barbara Ann Bears

Nellie is number two in an edition of ten, she stands 8 inches( 20 cm) tall, is 6 inches (15 cm) sitting and 4.5 inches (11 cm) across the ears.

Nellie is an elephant, she's quite a small elephant, quite brightly coloured and very sweet. She isn't the sort of elephant to rampage or even trumpet, she's very well behaved... unless you leave a bun or cake around then her behaviour deteriorates very quickly, her long trunk is designed for sniffing and grabbing cakes. Go to any zoo and you will see cake grabbing comes pretty high up an elephant's agenda and even a small elephant has to maintain her weight.

Nellie is mostly made from a gorgeous chenille, it's the perfect fabric for making little elephants, just the right shade of grey with a very subtle texture. Her tummy, the fronts of her ears and her foot pads are made from a beautiful denim which was once a pair of Ralph Lauren jeans, they would have been very interesting jeans, but obviously, the fabric is far better suited to making elephants. On top of Nellie's head she has a small piece of fluffy hand dyed mohair and of course a little tail with the same mohair used at its tip, like a little brush, just to make her just a little bit more irresistible.

Nellie has beautiful, hand painted, glass eyes with hand-coloured eyelids. Her splendid trunk has a wire pipe cleaner (from a craft shop) running through it and is loosely stuffed with glass beads so that it has a little flexibility, her trunk is banded with hand drawn pink pencil lines. Nellie is stuffed with polyester stuffing and glass beads to give her a little extra weight and posability (mainly extra weight).

We hope you like Nellie, it makes a change to make an elephant, she's a new design and we think she's rather sweet. She isn't quite pocket-sized but she is small enough to slip into a handbag, just in case you might feel the need to see a friendly little elephant later in the day.

We'll pop in some photos with Nellie and we are happy to put in a greetings card and gift tags, maybe a birthday card or one for another occasion, you can choose one from our greetings card page and let us know which card you would like.

As with all our bears and elephants, Nellie is not a toy, she is an adult collectible and unsuitable for children under 14.