On Your Bike. Magic 'Reindeer vs Motorbike and Sidecar', it's a tough one Santa

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Why would Father Christmas ever consider using a simple motorbike and sidecar over his magical reindeer and sleigh? Well, he seems tempted... "Phwoar!!! Look at that Rudolph, 100 mile an hour and 80 mpg, magic!". Rudolph is definitely unimpressed, thinking '???.... but I do 5000mph and I just eat lichen and grass' 

This is a folded Christmas card measuring 5x7 inches (13 x 18 cm) drawn by Andy Cunningham (me) with ink pens and fine coloured pencils, then printed at home, near the sea in England.

This card is printed on white heavyweight (300 gsm) card.

It comes in a sealed cellophane envelope to protect it from the elements and a stiff card envelope.  

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, the next 'big thing' is always better than what we have, that's the way the world works, but we should never lose sight of what we already have and appreciate just how good it really is and how lucky we are. This card was drawn in November 2013, we used to do the Doll and Teddy Fair at The National Motorcycle Museum, this was my tribute to the bikers who occasionally wandered into our show. 

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