Whoopee! All done for another year! It's a tough job being Santa Claus...

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Father Christmas has finished, he's delivered presents to every house in the world and he's pretty happy about it. Here he can be seen throwing his empty sack in the air as his two reindeer and a wandering badger look on in bemused amusement. I can imagine that there are a few hardworking people who have cooked, cleaned and entertained themselves into exhaustion who might have similar feelings once the Christmas season is over. 

This is a folded Christmas card measuring 5x7 inches (13 x 18 cm) drawn by Andy Cunningham (me) with ink pens and fine coloured pencils, then printed at home, near the sea in England.

This card is only available on cream coloured heavyweight card, the white looks too stark and the cream card has a warm Christmassy feel. 

I have included some options for the wording inside as we express our seasonal greetings in different ways around the world.

It comes in a sealed cellophane envelope to protect it from the elements and a stiff card envelope. 

This is one of my older Christmas cards, it was drawn in November 2005, I try to draw a different card every year for my family, friends and neighbours. 

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