Emerson Ploom is an elegant, one of a kind, hand dyed mohair artist bear by Barbara-Ann Bears

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Emerson Ploom is a gentle, elegant and wonderfully colourful, one of a kind, hand dyed mohair, shaggy artist bear by Barbara-Ann Bears

Emerson Ploom stands 16.5 inches (42 cm) tall and is 13 inches (33 cm) sitting.

Emerson Ploom is a distinguished, quietly happy and beautifully coloured bear, a bear of warm, joyful colouring, he has all the colours of the rainbow but in a subdued random arrangement. Emerson has a calm and dignified manner and he appears to have a certain amount of wisdom, although this is strictly limited to 'teddy bear themes' ; 'To wait for a hug and receive a hug is a moment of the greatest beauty, to wait and not receive a hug a lifetime of desolation', 'Always save some honey for tomorrow, who knows when the bees might go on strike for better pay and conditions' 'Just be a kind loving teddy bear and all your dreams will come true'.

Emerson is made from a fairly long, shaggy, distressed mohair that Barbara has hand dyed in a gorgeous blend of colours, there are greens, blues, ambers, pinks, oranges, golds and a few splashes of lilac, the mohair's backcloth has been dyed a dull mauve to contrast with the fur. Emerson's velvet paw pads were dyed at the same time as his mohair and thus compliment it beautifully.

Emerson has large, beautiful, hand painted, glass eyes with hand coloured eyelids which together with his carefully embroidered nose were all made to incorporate the colours of his mohair and as you can see Emerson has a broad, beaming smile. Emerson is stuffed with polyester stuffing and plastic pellets which make him a little heavier and more cuddly.

Emerson Ploom is a handsome chap, a quiet and dignified fellow to sit with you and emanate calm while brightening your day and hopefully making you smile, we think he's quite splendid.

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As with all our bears Emerson Ploom is not a toy and is unsuitable for children under 14.