Goose a colourfully comical one of a kind artist mohair bear by Barbara-Ann Bears

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Goose is a sweet bear of gentle hilarity, a one of a kind, artist bear by Barbara-Ann Bears in delicately colourful, shaggy hand dyed mohair

Goose stands 16 inches (39 cm) tall and is 12 inches (30 cm) sitting.

'Goose' is of course a nickname, Goose's real name is Alexander Fittingly-Poppingcrease which as you can see is a bit of a mouthful. He answers to Alexander, Alex, Al and even Pops, but Goose is what most people call him, owing to his resemblance to a goose. Goose is a rather lovable chap, he isn't one to worry about anything really, the world passes him by in a blur and he just waddles along doing his own thing, which is mainly collecting petals, fallen petals and definitely not flowers, "Flowers must stay in the ground" is what he has to say about that.

Goose is almost entirely made from a long, shaggy, distressed mohair that Barbara has hand dyed in a gorgeous blend of delicate colours, there are peaches, pinks, turquoise, oranges, lime, buttery yellow, magenta and a few splashes of lilac all against the natural cream backcloth which gives it a light and airy feel. The fronts of his ears and the underside of his tail are made from a very long and fluffy pale peach mohair, you have to look for it but it's there. Goose's hand-dyed velvet paw pads complement his mohair beautifully.

Goose has large, beautiful, hand painted, glass eyes with eyelids which together with his carefully embroidered nose were all made to incorporate the colours of his mohair and as you can see Goose has a huge beaming smile, it's so big it barely fits on his face! Goose is stuffed with polyester stuffing and plastic pellets which make him a little heavier and more cuddly.

Goose is a handsome chap, he's not too proud or even dignified, but a simple loving soul to sit with you and emanate calm while brightening your day and hopefully making you smile, we think he's quite splendid.

We will enclose photos with Goose and we are happy to put in a greetings card and gift tags, maybe a birthday card or one for another occasion, you can choose one from our greetings card page and let us know which card you would like.

As with all our bears, Goose is not a toy, he is an adult collectible and unsuitable for children under 14