Kieran Cockles is a warm and friendly, one of a kind, artist teddy bear by Barbara-Ann Bears

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Kieran Cockles is a warm and friendly, one of a kind, artist bear by Barbara-Ann Bears in wonderful fluffy hand-dyed mohair like a blue summer sky

Kieran Cockles is available through the shop Posthorn90 (who don't have a website at present) if you pay us through our website we will forward the payment (together with your name and address) to Eunice, at Posthorn 90 and she will post your bear direct to you. If you would like to buy a bear from Eunice please check the availability of the bear by phoning 01556 502967 (+44 1556 502967) or emailing her

Together we will try and keep the availability of bears up to date, but if something goes wrong and you buy a bear that Eunice has just sold in her shop we will of course refund your money, or if you prefer, make you a similar bear

Kieran Cockles stands 10 inches/25 cm tall and is 7.5 inches/19 cm sitting.

Kieran Cockles is a joyful teddy bear, made from the most beautiful mohair, with a twinkle in his eye and the happiest of smiles. He's like the sky on one of those perfect summer days, the sort of days spent on the beach when the gentle lapping of the waves at your feet is the only sound, the sort of day when you can close your eyes, feel the warmth of the sun on your face and feel all your cares and worries gently drift away. We're not saying that Kieran can make all your worries disappear but he is the sort of bear who will try his hardest to put a smile on your face and make you feel warm inside.

Kieran Cockles is made from the most gorgeous and luxurious mohair, a long and fluffy, tousled mohair that Barbara has hand-dyed in a gorgeous sky blue, together with the same mohair on his tummy that has been dyed a slightly different beautiful shade of sky blue . Kieran has hand-dyed velvet paw pads which complement his mohair perfectly.

Kieran Cockles has beautiful hand painted slightly sparkling glass eyes (they were painted to match his mohair) with hand coloured eyelids, a wonderfully embroidered nose, sewn from individual threads to match his mohair and a humongous cheerful smile. He is stuffed with polyester stuffing and plastic pellets to make him a little heavier and more cuddly.

Kieran Cockles is a very happy bear, he has a slightly comical expression and demeanour but in the most charming and summery way, he's a great bear to live with and we hope will always bring a smile to your face.

As with all our bears Kieran Cockles is not a toy, he is an adult collectable and unsuitable for children under 14.