Wild Wyatt, a one of a kind, mohair artist biker bear by Barbara-Ann Bears

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Wild Wyatt is a wild, freakishly fast and surprisingly friendly, one of a kind, artist, biker bear by Barbara-Ann Bears

Wild Wyatt is 11.5 inches (29 cm) tall sitting on his bike, sitting without a bike he is 10 inches (25 cm) tall (these measurements don't include his mohawk which adds 2.5 inches (7cm) ) Wyatt's bike is 14.5 inches (36 cm) long.

Wild Wyatt is a wild and unruly chap, a biker with many a wild tale to tell, there was that time he settled down on the banks of the Ohio only to wake up with a seven foot rattler in his boot, or that time he was chased across five States because he'd made an unkind remark about the size of a policeman's nose. Yeah, that's the sort of past he would have loved, but he's a teddy bear on a model bike, he has his dreams but he'll be happy to settle for a spot on someone's mantelpiece, even a shelf, just somewhere people might see him and comment "Wow, he's one cool dude!". Just in case you were worried, he is a friendly and polite bear, his bike doesn't leak oil and his fur is completely dust and fly free.

Wild Wyatt is made from a long, shaggy mohair that Barbara has hand dyed in dusty shades of grey, ochre and sand with a few splashes of red and blue. The top of his face, the backs of his hands, his feet and the fronts of his ears are a very, long and fluffy blond mohair with a warmer backcloth and along the top of his head he has a mohawk made from long, black and white faux fur. Wyatt has hand dyed velvet paw pads which complement his mohair perfectly.

Wild Wyatt has beautiful hand painted glass eyes with hand painted eyelids, a wonderfully embroidered nose, sewn from individual threads to match his colouring and a rather reflective expression. He is stuffed with plastic pellets and polyester stuffing to make him more poseable, a little heavier and more cuddly.

Wild Wyatt has a white skull badge sewn on the back of his denim waistcoat. His motorcycle is inspired by an Indian Chief bike from the late 1940s and comes from Lesser and Pavey (who are based not too far from us in Kent).

Wild Wyatt is a proper character, you definitely get what you see with him, he is polite and charming, you know he has tales to tell, they might not be true but they're well worth hearing, he's a great bear we hope you can find a prominent space for him.

We will enclose photos with Wild Wyatt and we are happy to put in a greetings card and gift tags, maybe a birthday card or one for another occasion, you can choose one from our greetings card page and let us know which card you would like.

As with all our bears, Wild Wyatt is not a toy, he is an adult collectible and unsuitable for children under 14