Yolaf Yeti-Boogie is a magnificent, one of a kind, artist yeti-bear by Barbara-Ann Bears

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Yolaf Yeti-Boogie, an exceedingly vibrant, happy and colourful, one of a kind, artist yeti-bear in faux fur & mohair by Barbara-Ann Bears

Yolaf Yeti-Boogie stands 13.5 inches (34 cm) tall and is 11 inches (28 cm) sitting.

Yolaf Yeti-Boogie is an extremely cheerful, wild and colourful chap. He isn't quite a bear, nor quite a yeti, the Yeti-Boogies live high in the mountain of the Hindu Kush, in the deepest, darkest caves, where no man (nor woman) dares to tread. They come out at night to gaze at the stars and dance their wild, rhythmic dance, raising their voices in loud 'wahoooos' and deep gurgles, sounds that echo through the high, dry, frosty mountains, through the steep, rocky valleys and on to the broad sweeping plains below. Nobody has ever seen a Yeti-Boogie, we were inspired by the fabric we bought and the legends we just made up. Yolaf Yeti-Boogie is a warm and loveable fellow who just wants a loving home and someone who will share a journey through his whimsical world.

Yolaf Yeti-Boogie is mostly made from a fantastically wild and fluffy, long faux which is primarily black with tipping in magenta, gold, orange and aqua, like fireworks against the night sky. His tummy and the underside of his tail is a wonderfully soft faux fur which is black tipped with aqua, the fronts of his ears are the same type of faux fur but this time in black tipped with gold and his face and snout are a very long and fluffy cream coloured mohair with a sand coloured backcloth. It's much, much easier to look at the photos than understand the description, my words don't convey his true wild spectacularness.

He has black wool felt paw pads, large, beautiful, sparkling, hand painted, glass eyes with eyelids, a huge, carefully embroidered nose that incorporates all the colours of his mohair and abroad, cheeky smile. Yolaf is stuffed with plastic pellets and polyester stuffing making him a little more cuddly and loveable.

Yolaf Yeti-Boogie is a wonderful creation, full of colour and magic. If you want a 'something' to make you smile, or just ponder quietly, then you'll find none better and more determined than Yolaf. We think that Yolaf Yeti-Boogie has many stories to tell, stories of a magical world high above the clouds where no human has ever walked, we'd love to hear what he tells you.

We will enclose photos with Yolaf Yeti-Boogie and we are happy to put in a greetings card and gift tags, maybe a birthday card or one for another occasion, you can choose one from our greetings card page and let us know which card you would like.

As with all our bears, Yolaf Yeti-Boogie is not a toy, he is an adult collectable and unsuitable for children under 14.