Bluebell is a little one of a kind artist rabbit by Barbara Ann Bears

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Bluebell is a small and sweet, one of a kind rabbit in beautifully coloured mohair and designer bunny fabric by Barbara Ann Bears

Bluebell stands just 5 inches/13 cm tall, she is 3.7 inches/9cm sitting and her ears span 4 inches/10 cm across the top.

Bluebell is a lovely little bunny rabbit with a very sweet personality.  She loves to go out into the garden to smell the flowers and look for Easter eggs which she hides in her little Gainsborough bone china (porcelain) cup. She is small enough to take anywhere with you, she'll fit comfortably in a handbag or pocket.

Bluebell is mostly made from a beautiful 'Peter Rabbit' cotton fabric which is covered in images of the little rabbit wearing a pale blue tailcoat, with little flowers in many colours on a white background. Bluebell's face is a very long and twirly mohair hand dyed a pale blue, her tummy and her tail are a long fluffy lemony hand dyed mohair and her back, the back of her head and the back of her ears are a short sparse mohair dyed a beautiful 'bluebell' blue. She has gently coloured hand dyed velvet paws which complement her colouring beautifully.

Bluebell has small hand painted glass eyes with hand coloured eyelids, a sweet, little nose sewn from individual threads to match her colouring and a beaming smile, she is stuffed with glass beads and polyester stuffing to make her a little heavier and more cuddly.

Bluebell is a very happy and loving rabbit, she's a 'go anywhere' bunny, a constant companion you can bring out at any occasion, if there is ever a lull in conversation... "Have you seen my rabbit?" and like a magician you can make a rabbit appear, and not just any rabbit a particularly sweet and happy little rabbit.

We will send her favourite carrot, the little cup and Easter eggs (wrapped safely of course) with Bluebell, however if you live outside the UK we can't post the chocolate Easter Eggs.

We will enclose photos with Bluebell and we are happy to put in a greetings card and gift tags, maybe a birthday card or one for another occasion, you can choose one from our greetings card page and let us know which card you would like. We will not send any chocolate eggs with her, that would be madness. 

As with all our bears Bluebell is not a toy, she is an adult collectable and unsuitable for children under 14